The Evil Within

The Evil Within ★★★½

This starts as a fever dream before drifting into more conventional territory with a mentally challenged kid that is "possessed" by an Oculus mirror, until it goes completely bonkers again in the finale.

I was fairly torn about this one given I really liked the first and third acts but got lost in the second, but after reading a fantastic review by Freyr, I dug into the background of the movie and that story is almost as bizarre as the movie itself.

Apparently in production for 15+ years, this was writer/director Andrew Getty's obsession which he almost completed after dying of possible meth addiction complications. I was wondering why two of the stars of a 2017 movie looked like they were from the 90's 90210 or Melrose Place TV shows and now I know why (filming began in 2000 or thereabouts).

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