Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Did Guy Ritchie really direct this? Based on the first 45 minutes, I couldn't tell as it is the most straight-forward action/revenge click I've seen from him. No fast-talking whip-smart limey gangsters with multiple scenes, multiple timelines and an unfathomably complex plot.

Eventually Ritchie's style appears, but it is significantly slowed down and Americanized and much darker and humorless than his previous endeavors.

There is absolutely nothing original here. It borrows from all the heist / revenge dramas. There's the whack-job robber straight from Heat that kills indiscriminately and screws everything up for the bad guys. You don't find out until about 40 minutes in what's driving Jason Statham, but there is a scene in the first 10 minutes which telegraphs his motive.

IMDB lists five writers/screenwriters which likely contributed to the rote script and cringe dialogue like this from Statham:

“Dave, you just worry about putting your arsehole back in your arsehole, and leave this to me.”

“Are you alright Dave? Or did you make poo poo?”

Jason Statham is a freaking Terminator in this -- an unemotional immovable force. And Statham can emote and express himself -- one of my favorites of his is Crank -- probably the most literal movie title of all time.

Josh Hartnett has a very limited role but it's against type for him and he's pretty damn good (and still looks alarmingly handsome). What the hell happened to Hartnett anyway?

And Scott Eastwood is great as the smarmy whack-job heist dude. I can see him breaking out like his father some day.

Lastly, I swear one of the gangster goons is the spitting image of old-man Santa Mel Gibson with the big white beard. With a less ravaged face.

It's a mindless energetic time-waster -- just what I needed after a long work week.

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