Rock the Kasbah

Rock the Kasbah ★★★★

A washed up talent manager travels to Kabul to do a tour, but instead discovers a talented Afghani singer whom he risks his life to put her into a singing contest. A heartfelt comedy with a serious tone. Showing a unique look at a different culture, and providing a difficult yet comedic look of what war, and religion can do to a country. Murray still choosing projects that test the limit, while demonstrating why he is still one of the greats.
Although this movies editing isn't the most supreme, and isn't the funniest thing Billy has ever done, which is why I feel like this film has gained such a negative response. Its not supposed to be, it accomplishes what it sets out to do. Conveying a inspirational story of how everybody has good in them, no matter where they're from. While sprinkling in some funny situations, and keeping you entertained throughout. It also helps having a great cast in Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson, and Danny McBride, eating bringing something different to the table. A must watch for inspiration seekers, and any Bill Murray fan.

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