Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

I’ve got way too much to say about this film and am so emotionally connected to it that writing anything or even saying it out loud wouldn’t do it justice. I miss my mom and I’m just so glad girls are finally getting the stories they deserve being shown on film. REAL stories that we can relate to. 
I spent all my life feeling like my experiences were strange and unnatural and completely my fault. Many young girls do, when in reality there’s so many shared experiences. I connected to this film in literally, no exaggeration, almost every possible way both emotionally speaking and plot wise.

 I’m so glad it’s in my life and I’m even more glad it’ll be in other young girl’s lives for years to come. They deserve to see themselves represented as whole and complete and messy people and we deserve more mother/daughter stories that are able to understand, demonstrate, and treat with care the complications within that.

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