Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

i believe a film is lucky if it conveys what it’s all about in a single moment when the intensity of the music, characters and symbols meet and unravel; to me this moment is when camilla takes diane’s hand and leads her up the secret path over mulholland drive - a ridiculously ordinary scene if you see them filming it in the behind the scenes footage. yet in the finished film it's a thing of astonishing beauty and sadness; the only moment diane has ever been betty, her true self that is loved, but impossible. in that making-of video you can also see david lynch in the car next to naomi watts and it seems to me that she's the director just as much, there's just something special in their bond.

Mulholland Drive means the world to me, yet i’ve never cared much for an intellectual interpretation of the events. what matters is that the visceral reaction i get from watching it is so familiar and permanent that it revives my memories from when i first saw it as a teen - that's something music does best, and i rate david lynch's work very highly because he and angelo badalamenti understand that! i adore The Cure not because i can make sense of (or even hear) most of their lyrics, but for the atmosphere, vividness and emotional range of their music. such artists don’t offer an explanation, but they give you the chance to embrace fear; fear of waking up and not recognizing yourself or the person next to you, fear of waking up old, fear of not waking up at all. ”I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery…”

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