Scream ★★★★★

Wow, Scream was an admirable film to watch in the first month of this new year. I seriously have two new favorite films within 2 months - No Way Home and now this. Scream has been the horror franchise I have followed since I was a young kid. Sidney Prescott is my final girl, and Ghostface is the slasher I am drawn to.

Bringing the co-directors of “Ready or Not” onto this project was promising. They ended up being a great pick to carry on the legacy of Wes. The film is, of course, very meta and topical. This one goes into the “requel” craze in Hollywood right now. A lot of fun is had hearing the characters talk about it. The current state of horror, and film overall, was a ripe topic for a Scream entry to have a conversation about.

The legacy characters are great to see again. David Arquette has consistently been so endearing as Dewey. Here is no exception either. Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers gets a nice development used to send out a pretty relevant message. Due to where Sidney is at in her life, Neve is not prevalent from the start, which honestly does not hinder the movie and works. Jenna Ortega had the standout performance. I bought into the relationship between her and Melissa. Ghostface has memorable calls and moments of suspense, which is what we have come to expect.

There is bias here, but what is excelled at is what matters most to me. Plenty will walk out and view it as simply a fine, if flawed addition. Others, like myself, will cherish the experience and be thankful of the respect and care displayed for the franchise. I hold it so dear to me 🖤

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