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  • Sound of the Mountain
  • So Long, My Son
  • Mirror
  • In the Mood for Love

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  • Madame X: An Absolute Ruler


  • Laocoon & Sons


  • Burning


  • Inside Out


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  • Madame X: An Absolute Ruler

    Madame X: An Absolute Ruler


    A bunch of eccentric femmes embark on a pirate escapade and reel in Brian Eno, who can only communicate via interpretive dance, and things go from there. But that's okay, because this whole film is basically 2h16m of interpretive dance. I would probably love this movie if it looked just how it does but used verbal, intellectual communication. Another reviewer likened it to Daisies, which I think fits. Daisies is a super-important film that I can't stand.

    However, I am…

  • Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors

    Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors


    men are stupid and this is why

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  • Hungry Soul, Part II

    Hungry Soul, Part II


    Ah, what a payoff! Hungry Soul had promise and beauty, but felt like tentative early steps to this narrative. Indeed, in part two here it all unfolds in impressive and ultimately unexpected ways, with a satisfying conclusion. This feels like a film that would be more widely recognized as a relative epic if it had been released as one complete work. After working through a number of Kawashima's films, I can say that they always feature great soundtracks, and the…

  • Her Name Was Europa

    Her Name Was Europa


    We lost interest in our fictional idea.