A Woman After a Killer Butterfly

A Woman After a Killer Butterfly ★★

Out of all the films I’ve seen during this marathon, this is easily the worst film so far and probably will still be even as I finish. I really wanted to not be completely judgmental going into this because of seeing it proclaiming itself as a full on melodrama.

Now don’t get me wrong I do like melodramatic type films when they have a perfect amount of that and also make me give a shit, (For Example) but this was just kind of bad. The entire thing just felt very cheesy and uninteresting with no character or plot element keeping me going. There are some good performances, it’s decently shot, and the concept alone seems like something worth exploring, but it all just feels wasted on this terrible script.

And this is a movie where I immediately read the subtitles on this and thought, “wow this is some terrible dialogue right here.” It’s the type of writing that thinks it’s being cool and deep in many points but it just comes off extremely try hard as fuck. A lot of the music was also just embarrassing and didn’t add much to the film at all. This is overall a movie that I left pretty unsatisfied by the end.  

If you find yourself interested in this movie with its concept then go ahead and watch it I guess, but for me personally it was just bad.