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  • Playstation 2: The Third Place

    Playstation 2: The Third Place


    Damn, the PS2 was such an awesome video game system that it sent this guy into the set of Twin Peaks The Return 17 years before it was supposed to happen.

  • Gremlins: Recall

    Gremlins: Recall


    While compiling together my "100 favourite films" list, and putting Gremlins 2 on the list, I discovered "Gremlins: Recall" from 2017. I was like, "what the fuck lmao i'ma go check this".

    I was shocked by its presentation. Already the cinematography is incredible. The lighting and overall visuals is a great love letter to John Hora and Dean Cundey's iconic 80s cinematography, and certainly made me reminiscent of Italian and Carpenter-esque horror. All the shots looks clean as fuck. Which…

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  • Scoob!



    This felt emotionally exhausting. The filmmakers clearly didn't want to make a Scooby Doo film and instead made some shitty movie about this character no one cares about.

    They took my childhood, shot it with a loaded pistol, gouged its eyes out and pissed in its sockets while I watched- paralyzed in its wake.

    What a useless, obnoxious, waste of time.

  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    I made the horrible mistake of going to see this with my parents. My mistake was thinking this was gonna be some "laugh-out-loud" bad action movie, but I was badly mistaken. It is simply a painful experience from start to finish. There's not a moment where I was particularly interested by any of the ideas shown here. It fails to be everything it attempts to be.

    It's boring as fuck, failing to be a kickass action movie, and instead relies…