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  • Predator



    I love Predator. It's probably one of Arnie's best roles outside of Terminator 2 and it's pure gun porn. It's got the best greeting in movie historry, arguably one of the best movie monsters of all time and it's full of fantastic one-linerrs. Certain aspects of it have obviously aged (mainly anything that comes out of Blane's mouth) and some of the special effects look a little ropey now, but by goodness it's got some great action in it.

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Robert Eggers is one of the most consistent storytellers we have at the moment, effortlessly entwining history and narration in a way that few of his peers can manage.

    His latest effort may tell a simple and overly familiar tale of revenge, but it's one that's painted with broad strokes of crimson blood and spectacular imagery, it's a canvas of stunning scenery, powerful imagery and worldbuilding that would put Ridley Scott to shame. The Northman is quite simply spectacular cinema…