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  • Man on the Flying Trapeze

    Man on the Flying Trapeze


    One of the best stories of the W. C. Fields movies so far. He takes the afternoon off to go watch a wrestling match, but tells his boss his mother-in-law has died. He doesn't do any juggling or any tricks like that in this one. In all the ones I've watched so far he drags a joke or two out too long, but that doesn't really happen in this one. The one that does go on for a while has enough variety to keep it funny. When I'm done watching all these I'll rank them.

  • The Mouse That Roared

    The Mouse That Roared


    As an indicator of how busy I've been, I watched this Thursday evening, and now, Saturday afternoon I'm just getting time to review it.

    An outrageous farce that isn't outrageously funny. It is funny, but not as much as I was expecting.

    The story is about a small country in the alps called Grand Fenwick which was founded by an Englishman hundereds of years ago. The economy is based on their wine, of which the US is the main consumer.…

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  • Key Largo

    Key Largo


    Hot dog, what an awesome movie! This is maybe my sixth time watching. The first time I watched Key Largo I thought it was OK, but not great. Not sure what headspace I was in then, because the acting in this is top notch. The underrated Claire Trevor is a standout (she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her work here), but everyone, Bogart, Robinson, Barrymore, and Thomas Gomez are all in top form. Probably the best that Bacall has ever been. Huston has some nicely framed shots and sets things up well. Highly recommended and if you don't love it, watch it again.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    How can a movie I've watched for 30 years, every year, multiple times some years, how can a movie like that still cause me to tear up at the end? I know what happens, I've seen it before. That, my friends, is quality film making.