The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth ★★★★

A husband and wife suspect each other of cheating so agree to a divorce. Though neither really wants it. Then, they both try to move on and make the other jealous at the same time. Poor Ralph Bellamy, he's always the rebound guy in these films.

I always cringe when I read the synopsis of these screwball comedies, because it sounds contrived and silly. However, the situations they get themselves into, the dialog, and the interesting side-characters make up for it every time. Especially the dialog.

Leo McCarey doesn't get much recognition as a director, but he did a number of the top comedies as well as more heartfelt films such as Make Way for Tomorrow and An Affair to Remember. He has a recognizable style if you watch enough older films.

Cary Grant is still early enough in his career that he takes a few pratfalls here (he'd been an acrobat before the movies and had great physical comedy skills).

Irene Dunne is good, but I kept wondering what Jean Arthur would have done with the role. Dunne is more glamorous, there's no doubt about that though. And the smile she gives Grant from the bed at the end is dead-on accurate. It's exactly how my wife looks when she's feeling that special combination of sexy and ornery. And that gave the movie the extra half-star to put it up to 4.

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