The Talk of the Town

The Talk of the Town ★★★½

Poor Jean Arthur, has to chose between Cary Grant and Ronald Coleman. Grant is a communist or maybe just a socialist, they never come out and say the word, and he's framed when a fire burns a factory and a man is killed. He escapes prison and hides in Jean Arthur's house. She's renting the place out to law professor Ronald Coleman. Grant acts as the gardener and they try to get him to see the law in practice is not as neat as the law in books. Can they get him to help innocent Grant?

Interesting in that it spends most of the movie rather knocking the law as carried out, but then turns around and supports law and country.

George Stevens' direction is slack, someone like Leo McCary would have had a tighter show, but he still does nice work. There were a few scenes where it looked like Coleman was trying not to laugh.

Funny and different, I liked it. And Jean Arthur is a peach.

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