The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew ★★★★

Great music doc on Los Angeles studio musicians. There wasn't a set group called The Wrecking Crew, but a large stable of musicians that were later given the name. They played on everything, rock and roll, Sinatra-style standards, Henry Mancini... Even bands that mostly played their own instruments on stage, when the hit songs were recorded, the producers called in the best musicians to put it on tape and make it a hit.

There was a variety of responses to this from the musicians on both sides, and memory has made some stories opposites. One producer said he told the studio musician to put his name on it, but the studio musician didn't want to be known for playing that kind of music (many were into jazz and only played the rock stuff to pay the bills), but the musician was talking about the same song and complaining that it was a huge hit and his name is nowhere on it. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. It could be that bitterness built up as the song has been a staple for decades now, and he gets no royalties at all.

Another thing mentioned by some of the Black musicians is how they would get used in the studio and then they create a touring band of White musicians to go on the road as the band. I have no doubt that is true.

Overall, the story of a pretty interesting group of folks in a pretty interesting time.

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