• Sunset



    Bruce Willis is early movie cowboy star Tom Mix. His producer wants him to play Wyatt Earp, so they bring in the real Wyatt Earp, played by James Garner. The producer is a jerk named Alperin and the story revolves around a murder and which of the family Alperin may have been involved. I've read mixed reviews on this, but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was well done, the chemistry between Willis and Garner is great, there are some wonderful lines, and as a mystery it flowed well. I would certainly be happy to watch it again.

  • Cleopatra Jones

    Cleopatra Jones


    Cleopatra Jones (Tamara Dobson) is government agent with a lot of pull. At the opening she's in Turkey wiping out the world's largest poppy field, a huge source of heroin going back to her neighborhood. Mommy (an amazing over-the-top Shelly Winters) was supposed to get those drugs. She knows Cleo is the problem and wants her brought back to the states. So she has Cleo's favorite charity, a "get clean" house (I really don't know what you call it), raided…

  • Trouble Man

    Trouble Man


    This guy was in trouble! Mr. T, as he is called, or just T to his friends, is a fixer for people with troubles, but when people set out to frame him for murder, he brings them trouble! I have to say, his apartment is absolute 1970s awesomeness. Just wow. It's too bad we didn't spend more time in there.

    Mr. T is hired to check out who's been robbing some crap games. When a game is robbed while he…

  • At the Circus

    At the Circus


    This was better than I'd been lead to believe. It had some unique stuff going on (Harpo rides an ostrich!), and Harpo still has the magic coat that he can pull all kinds of things out of. Groucho is still great with the insults. Certainly parts were ludicrous, but at least it moved along quickly.

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    I did not even recognize Robert De Niro when he first came on screen. I have enough sense of film history to realize why this would make such a big splash. Jake LaMotta was a very angry boxer who won a lot of fights, but had a lot of personal problems. Crazy jealously, anger, irrational thinking. I'd not seen this before as I kinda knew what to expect, a bunch of unpleasant people.

  • Virginia Hill

    Virginia Hill


    Called Virginia Hill: Mistress to the Mob from Netflix. Miss Hill was the mistress of Bugsy Siegel. It was her house that he was killed in, just a few days after she left for Paris. She had been a prostitute and mob courier and knew most of the big-time mafia guys at the time.

    This is a 1974 made-for-TV movie staring Dyan Cannon and Harvey Keitel. Also has John Vernon, Allen Garfield and Robby Benson. Directed by Joel Schumacher. They…

  • Five Graves to Cairo

    Five Graves to Cairo

    One of the advantages of going into a film not knowing much about it is you can be surprised where it takes you. I was expecting a World War II film about North Africa, and that is what it is, but it isn't a strategy and battles film. The film opens with a tank running by itself after the exhaust was hit and it leaked into the tank slowly killing everyone. One guy makes it out, however, and somehow finds…

  • The Dam Busters

    The Dam Busters


    The Dam Busters is a British movie about the development and deployment of some special bombs that took out some hydro-electric dams in Germany during World War II. The bombs, really mines, were designed to be dropped from a low altitude of only 60 feet and then skip over the water to the dam, drop down and explode below the water knocking a hole in the dam. It was an expensive mission losing 8 Lancaster bombers and over 50 men,…

  • Smokey and the Bandit

    Smokey and the Bandit


    Watched on the big screen! While I've seen this movie several times, this time some of the stunts had me saying "Wow" out loud. Previous Review, which is better than this one.

  • Ballad in Blue

    Ballad in Blue


    An odd story mostly about a blind British boy and his mom, and her boyfriend, and the neighbor girl who is a friend of the boy. I guess the story isn't odd, but sure involves a lot of plots about people who aren't Ray Charles. I really enjoyed the parts where he sings, he isn't just mouthing the words to the record. Directed by Paul Henreid (Victor Lazlo of Casablanca).

    Ray Charles is in London doing a tour, and sings…

  • 4 for Texas

    4 for Texas


    I watched this many years ago and remember being bored. Well, I wasn't bored this time, but it does have the leisurely pace of the rest of the Rat Pack films. The opening is very promising with a stagecoach holdup attempt leaves 6 dead. Sinatra was guarding $100,000 and Martin was just a passenger. However, Martin makes off with the money but they meet again as gentlemen enemies. There is a huge brawl at the end also, but the middle drags some. Lots and lots of recognizable stars from the era. Anita Ekberg and Ursula Andress both look stunning.

  • Wattstax


    Wattstax is a "Black is beautiful" film. Black pride, Black culture, Black lives, Black opinions. The Reverend Jesse Jackson leads the crowd in a call-and-response chant of "I am somebody." Between songs we get snippets of conversations from people on the street, in the barber shop, in a restaurant, etc. They don't all agree with each other. Those bits are a very valuable insight into the community. The music is outstanding. I was worried the sound quality wouldn't be very…