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  • The Lodger

    The Lodger


    From the same source as Hitchcock's silent film but quite different in some ways. This movie is Laird Cregar's all the way. Wow, he gives a great performance. And it isn't often someone can outplay George Sanders!

  • Central Intelligence

    Central Intelligence


    A story with potential, but Kevin Hart is not funny. He's not heroic, even potentially heroic. There is too much grossness, and not enough wittiness. My wife picked this and usually she does a good job, but we were both pretty disappointed.

  • The Anderson Tapes

    The Anderson Tapes


    Sean Connery is Robert "Duke" Anderson, a safe cracker who gets out after 10 years in prison. He decides to rob an upscale apartment complex. Everywhere he goes he is being recorded, either by video, or the people he is talking to are under some kind of government surveillance. There must be at least 4 government agencies (plus a private firm) separately recording parts of his life. I think Sidney Lumet wants to say something about our surveillance culture (which…

  • Cover Girl

    Cover Girl


    Gene Kelly dances with himself! His reflection jumps right out of the window and dances right there in the street.

    But before that, Rita Hayworth is dancing for him in a little club in Brooklyn and they are in love. She poses for a cover girl spot on a magazine and becomes the toast of the town, which he does not like. Some schmoozer from Broadway tries to steal her away. The schmoozer can give her nice things like she…

  • The Mob

    The Mob


    Broderick Crawford is a cop who goes undercover on the docks to find out who is running the rackets there and is responsible for a few murders. With short spots by Neville Brand, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson, and Jay Adler. There is some really fun dialog too. And I tell you, today's movie fights might have a lot more fancy stuff happening, but they ain't got nothing on two brutes like Broderick Crawford and Neville Brand going at it in a lumber yard.

  • The Hot Rock

    The Hot Rock


    Robert Redford, directed by Peter Yates, in a story from Donald Westlake and screenplay from William Goldman. A comedy caper about some guys who steal a diamond and then can't seem to keep possession of it. They have to keep committing bigger crimes just to get it back. I was surprised when the theft happened so early in the movie, but now I see why. Also part of the crew is George Segal, Ron Leibman, and Paul Sand. Moses Gunn…

  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    Watched this with my two youngest, ages 18 and 19. The 19-year-old asked for it because something he watched had a Godfather tribute.

    Such a well put together movie, I never turn down an opportunity to watch it. Such amazing acting on display.

  • Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives

    Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives


    I love documentaries about people behind the music. I also love the ones about musicians. I just love this stuff.

    Clive Davis was a lawyer who got a job at CBS, but was soon put in charge at Columbia records, a division of the CBS coproration. It turns out he had a real knack for discovering and nurturing talent. Later after being fired from Columbia, he took on Aristra Records, then when fired from there, started J records, which became…

  • Safe Men

    Safe Men


    Some fun talent in this film. Steve Zahn, Sam Rockwell, Paul Giamatti, Michael Lerner, Harvey Fierstein, and Mark Ruffalo. First, you should know that everyone is an idiot. If you find that funny, you might enjoy this. A couple of guys (Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn) who have a horrible singing duo. Somehow, Paul Giamatti thinks they are safe crackers and the Jewish Mafia of Providence, Rhode Island (Michael Lerner) tells them they have to crack some safes or die. The actual safe crackers are idiots too. Mark Ruffalo plays a love-lorn loser. It was fun to watch once, and the commentary track is funny.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    I thought I'd reviewed this before, but I guess not. While I tend to prefer For a Few Dollars More, it's always fun to watch TGtBatU again.

    I don't really understand all the time spent with Blondie and Tucco and the bridge. As far as I can tell, it's just an excuse for Leone to have a giant battle scene and an explosion. I think the film really drags during this part. There are a few other things that could…

  • Amistad



    Slavery is bad enough, forcing someone to work for no pay, but the way Africans were treated is awful. That people can be so heartless is stunning. It has ever been thus.

    The story, some African's who have been illegally taken for the slave trade revolt on a ship, killing most of the crew. The ship lands off the coast of New York, and some want the Africans tried for murder and mutiny and killed, but the Abolitionists want them…

  • The New Original Wonder Woman

    The New Original Wonder Woman


    In her satin tights
    Fighting for our rights
    And the old Red, White, and Blue!

    We recently bought (used) the first two seasons of Wonder Woman, a show my wife and I watched regularly when we were kids. This pilot for the show isn't as campy as the old Batman TV show, but as you can tell from the words from the theme song above, it certainly has some camp.

    When we are shown Paradise Island, it is a land…