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  • Twisted Justice

    Twisted Justice


    Let's talk about David Heavener for a minute.

    Here's a guy who went to Nashville looking to make a career for himself as a singer/songwriter. He ends up writing for Hee-Haw and then decides to try and make it as a movie star. That takes a tremendous amount of delusion to make that leap. If TWISTED JUSTICE is any indication, he could develop a cult following at the very least.

    In TWISTED JUSTICE, he plays rogue cop Tucker (complete with…

  • Galaxina



    GALAXINA starts off with the feeling that it's going to be the Airplane! of space parody, but ultimately gets set adrift by a story that is too dull and lifeless to weigh it down.

    Dorothy Stratten plays the titular character, an android that reprograms itself to have feelings, and falls in love with Sgt. Thor (Stephen Macht). Stratten, sadly, was taken too soon in a story familiar to us all and it's a shame that we did not get to…

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  • From Dusk Till Dawn

    From Dusk Till Dawn


    "Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are!"

    I love the dialogue in this movie.

    Santanico Pandemonium: " Welcome to slavery."

    Seth: "Thanks. I already had a wife."

    George Clooney's charisma forces you to root for his less than savory character.

    Scott: "What are you talking about? We got crosses all over the place. All you gotta do is put two sticks together and you got a cross."

    Sex Machine: "He's…

  • Star Hunter

    Star Hunter


    STAR HUNTER is a z-grade Predator knock-off, or maybe more specifically, a Predator 2 knockoff since the film takes place in an urban setting. How do we know it's an urban setting? Because one of the teens in the movie loudly states "I THINK WE'RE IN THE HOOD!". Like the graffiti tag on the wall behind you that reads EAT ME wasn't enough of a hint?

    I enjoyed the movie only because I can't seem to find another movie where…