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Reuben van Hoeve

head empty. eyes closed. knees weak.

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  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant


    Fucked up and accidentally watched the R rated version which features zero Harvey Keitel dong, zero Harvey Keitel committing sexual harassment in the fashion of Louis CK, and zero nun/Jesus rape. This sounds like a good thing, though I’m told it’s a bad thing.

  • The Goddess

    The Goddess


    They somehow managed to pack the colossal depression of Bing Wang’s ‘West of The Tracks’ and Hu Bo’s ‘An Elephant Sitting Still’ into an hour and eighteen minute long film.

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  • Land Without Bread

    Land Without Bread

    This movie is a simply a whole ass walking contradiction. It’s poverty porn that knows it’s poverty porn. It fervently postulates the values of life whilst dismissing the value of lives. It trips over itself trying to be a mockumentary, and somehow circles back around to being a self serious pseudo documentary. It disseminates anti-fascist messaging in its closing titles, while simultaneously acting as a beacon for ye-olde Spanish ethno-fascists. It’s a fucking mess, which is part of its awfulness and absurd brilliance.

  • Limite



    The brilliant precursor to a century’s worth of terrible student films.