K-ON! The Movie

K-ON! The Movie ★★★★★

Naoko Yamada supremacy.

I don't really know what to say other than that K-On will forever mean a lot to me personally. I didn't anticipate getting sucked in as much as I did, and I never could have predicted just how much I'd love it, but here we are. This movie is great, but unlike a lot of other show-concluding films, this one is great because it's just like the source material. There wasn't even the ability to upgrade the animation for the most part, because it was already top notch. The direction didn't change drastically, because it was already perfect. Most of the same settings, conversations, and parts of the story in this movie also appear in show (with notable exceptions), giving the impression that the film is supporting material rather than a final conclusion. K-On never exactly concludes; it just says "see you later" in the most elegant, beautiful way. The show is perfect, so the film is perfect. Makes me cry a lot :)

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