BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

John David Washington is certainly following in his father’s footsteps! He and Adam Driver are amazing here.

It’s sad that little has changed since the 1970s as it relates to race relations in America. The movie even eludes to it in the final moments as it plays footage from recent events.

Washington and Driver play undercover cops that investigate to KKK, and it has a serious but also comedic take. I think both of them do a job.

If I had one critique, I thought the KKK were caricatures that feel like mustache-twirling comic book super villains. It was a little over the top and clownish. It was probably to drive home a point, but I thought it was ineffective. Also, Topher Grace as David Duke was just Grace in a wig.

Other than that, I thought the movie was very strong.