Inheritance, Italian Style

Inheritance, Italian Style ★★★

Inheritance Italian Style provides a story that will captivate an interest for people into the indie film genre. Keep in mind this is a film that has a lower budget then most films. Featuring some solid acting from the likes of Zoe Myers, Bill Neenan, and Maggie Gwin. The audience will see a story involving a woman in debt and she decides to distribute the art and furniture amongst the family. I enjoyed the music, however I felt at times the music could have been toned down and not so loud when the characters are talking. There’s a few scenes where it’s up a tiny bit too loud. There could have been a scale back of using a little less music at points. The sound of the film is not bad for the budget. There is some small sound issues where someone will speak their line and they are heard as if they are in the background rather then up to the mic. I thought the cinematography in the beginning with the field and countryside was very good. The costume and setting matches the film. There  was one particular character that had an AC/DC shirt on that seemed to me a little out of place with his attire, however I think the way the character was written was probably meant to have that style. Then we have the family having different issues amongst each other and struggles like most families do. Thus the chaos the film brings to us the audience.  Events like cheating, mental illness, acceptance. These are just a few of the subjects the director brings to the table. I didn’t mind this type of film and I’m very interested to see what the director does next as it’s not easy to direct and film a project under a strict low budget. Hats off to the director.

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