Frank ★★★★½

"Put your arms around me, fiddly digits, itchy britches. I love you all..."

Frank is not just beautifully shot, gut-bustingly funny and off-the-walls bonkers, it's so simple in its message. The film is about the division (and sometimes dichotomy) between 'your voice' and the 'voice of the masses'.

The titular Frank, played by Michael Fassenbender, has found his voice, he knows his art, he knows what it is that he's trying to say and the method in which that he wants to deliver it. So does his band, and they don't care who is listening. It's their art, there form of self-expression.

When Jon (Domnhall Gleeson) joins the band as a keyboardist, he is hell bent on finding his voice, and struggling to write songs he feels are meaningful. As the film progresses, we come to learn that Jon doesn't want to find his voice, he just wants to create a voice loud enough that people are listening. He wants to be famous, popular and mainstream - he'll do whatever it takes, including changing Frank's unique, and some even think visionary, voice.

Frank is a film about the artistic soul, failed artists, taste and understanding the method through which you express yourself, and how destructive that can be in the music industry.

A gem of 2014, and potentially one of my favourites of the year.

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