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  • Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots

    putting saoirse ronan on a horse with a chest plate doesn't make your movie feminist -- this movie sucked!

  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?


    There's a moment when Melissa McCarthy's Lee is told by her date that she should write about her own life instead of the lives of others, an opinion Lee finds shocking. It's easy to see why: Even the movie she inhabits seems frequently unconcerned with its main narrative force, Lee's forgeries. The movie worked best for me when focused less on Lee's more overt loneliness and more on the workings of her mind, her wry humor and scrappy cleverness. She…

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  • Book Club

    Book Club


    “I don’t have sex with people I like.” Please ensure that, in the event of my death, this Jane Fonda quote is engraved on my tombstone.

    Additional notes:
    -Diane Keaton’s daughters, who willingly live in Scotsdale and clearly voted for Trump, are the reason I’m not having children.
    -It’s a plot hole that a straight man wouldn’t want to sleep with Mary Steenburgen.
    -This movie made me stan a federal judge, now I’ve seen everything!!!!

  • Boris



    "Love it or loathe it – there's probably no in between – the film is an artist's cry from their own corrupt heart. In a world of Hollywood sellouts, it emerges as the work of visionaries doing things their way. You won't know what hit you." —Peter Travers on Mother! and also me on this movie