Spencer ★★★★★

I shouldn't be able to enjoy a film that radiates such melancholy but Pablo Larraín has craft unforgettable but painful-toned look that is brought together with the sublime score of Jonny Greenwood and the beautiful rendition of Kristen Stewart as Diana Spencer.

A tale rather somber of a soul that doesn’t belong to herself been forced through pain and shame, a prisoner in though and body breaking free from it all.

Kristen Stewart:

Kristen Stewart really transforms herself into Diana Spencer and reward us with the best performance of the year by far. The scene where she play with her kid’s really got me teary, and the one that she shares with Sally Hawkins on the beach is so heartwarming that makes you forget all the sadness that came before; But I can’t forget that beautiful ending where she is free once again singing and having KFC with her boys.

This is a masterpiece.

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