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This review may contain spoilers.

from one of the guys who killed john wick’s dog

first of all i’m aware of the shit reviews this has been getting and if you told me i’d be shamelessly giving this five fucking stars three hours ago i would’ve actually laughed in your face, SO THIS IS JUST AN OPINION!!!!! FROM SOMEONE THAT DIDN’T EVEN LIKE DEADPOOL THAT MUCH!!!! I KNOW THIS IS A HOT TAKE AND MY TASTE JUST BECAME QUESTIONABLE I DON’T CARE I STAND BY THIS RATING IF YOU HATED IT LEAVE NOW THIS IS A DEADPOOL 2 APOLOGISTS CONVERSATION ONLY

deadpool was always cool but nothing special to me, and kind of lost its charm upon every rewatch. this took everything, music, action, characters up 288282910192828291 notches, the humor actually clicked this time, all while including stuff like cultural appropriation, lgbt rep, abuse, racism, body image, family, love, pain, loss, friendship and still managed to be loads of fun (almost reminded me of gotg with the whole damaged people becoming a family and growing thanks to one another) definitely the biggest surprise of the year if not of every cbm. can’t talk about the cameos without spoiling but just know that after this the word has a complete new meaning, and as a huuuuge xmen fan THAT two second scene had me actually squealing. the mcu/dc references are also relentless. don’t really know how to explain why i respect it this much except by saying it did everything it wanted to do right, it was straight to the point and still kept its original tone. but what i loved the most and what stood out was that it had HEART, so much of it. and if i can picture at least ten men who could make a good batman there’s only one deadpool in my mind. the new additions are everything, there wasn’t one character i wasn’t invested in, tj miller included (maybe) and dopinder stole the show as usual but we been knew about that, TERRY CREWS, i fell in love with domino, it’s cheesy but it just felt really good to sit in a packed theatre with few women and see her save (and kick) everyone’s ass. and brolin as cable? what’s a thanos

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