I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

ok so let me paint a picture real quick: 90th academy awards, 3/4/18, hopefully in a hall with no spacey in it. it's the end of the night, everyone is waiting for the last awards (me probably half asleep since it's usually 5:30am where i live by that time, shout out to my european friends) and we get to witness former winner emma stone happily hand out the oscar for best actress to margot fucking robbie, who emotionally accepts it as she receives her well deserved standing ovation and the line “academy award winner” will then accompany her name forever  

along with her majestic performance a brilliant supporting cast, especially allison janney my GOD the parrot scenes killed me, fresh filmmaking and a badass score (fleetwood mac really did have one fat check in 2017 didn't they)

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