Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★½

I have a few thoughts:
• tonky stank is a manipulative demon who should stay away from Peter forever 
• most of the jokes fell way flat
• zendaya and Tom are carrying this whole movie on their backs
• criminally underuse of zendaya's michelle but we'll get more of her in the future
• horribly out of character captain america fitness videos
• I also fell asleep during the last act so... 🤔👎

So basically: watch this for Tom and zendaya but don't expect Wonder Woman levels of content because it's not great... what else did I expect from yet another Spider-Man movie... the 6th one in 17 years. Also when will tony stark finally fucking die and stop appearing in movies where he doesn't belong im about to kill him myself

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