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  • Fyre



    This is why influencer culture is awful.

  • Passenger Side

    Passenger Side


    Michael: Do you know a 7 letters word for untrustworthy people starts with an "F"?
    Tobey: Friends?

    I've been hunting a lot of under the radar little indie this past couple of months, and thank God I didn't miss this one out.

    Passenger Side is warm and smartly written quirky road trip mumblecore that perfectly captures the dynamic of two polar opposites brotherly bonding along with its inevitable rivalry. It is decently structured and realistic is may be the right…

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  • Suspiria



    Love and manipulation, they share houses very often. They are frequent bedfellows.

    Set in Berlin circa 70s, post-Nazism and early Baader-Meinhof Gang era, Suspiria is nothing like any other remake movie. Yes, the main premise and some of the character names are as same as the predecessor, but Luca Guadagnino created a new spin and twist to this supernatural horror movie.

    Divided into six acts, Suspiria does not only show an unnerving and harrowing horror sequence after sequence, there are…

  • Ave Maryam

    Ave Maryam


    I just attended Ave Maryam international version secret screening, and guys, you shouldn't miss this one.

    Can't say a lot right now, but this is eye opening and rarely beautiful.