It Happened in Broad Daylight ★★★★

Es geschah am hellichten Tag / It Happened in Broad Daylight (Ladislao Vajda, 1958) 8/10

Riveting police pocedural with a retired Inspector (Heinz Rühmann) doggedly trying to find a serial killer who has been murdering little girls by slashing them with a razor. The case comes to light when a derelect peddler (Michel Simon) discovers the body of a girl in the woods and reports it to the police. The old man is relentlessly interrogated, is incarcerated in prison and accused for the crime despite protesting his innocence. When he hangs himself in despair the former Inspector continues to investigate using another child as a bait to capture the actual murderer (Gert Fröbe). Chilling cat-and-mouse thriller with noir overtones manages an atmosphere of dread without showing any violence on the screen. It was after watching this film that the producers cast Gert Fröbe as "Goldfinger". Sean Penn remade the film years later as "The Pledge".