The Best of 1986

Best Picture
*Blue Velvet
Hannah and Her Sisters
Jean de Florette
A Room With a View

Best Actor
Sean Connery, The Name of the Rose
Paul Hogan, ''Crocodile'' Dundee
*Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa
Paul Newman, The Color of Money
James Woods, Salvador

Best Actress
Julie Andrews, Duet for One
Melanie Griffith, Something Wild
Sissy Spacek, Crimes of the Heart
Kathleen Turner, Peggy Sue Got Married
*Sigourney Weaver, Aliens

Best Supporting Actor
Tom Berenger, Platoon
Michael Caine, Mona Lisa
Willem Dafoe, Platoon
Daniel Day-Lewis, My Beautiful Laundrette
*Dennis Hopper, Blue Velvet

Best Supporting Actress
Ellen Barkin, Desert Bloom
*Barbara Hershey, Hannah and Her Sisters
Maggie Smith, A Room With a View
Cathy Tyson, Mona Lisa
Dianne Wiest, Hannah and Her Sisters

Best Director
Woody Allen, Hannah and Her Sisters
James Ivory, A Room With a View
*David Lynch, Blue Velvet
Rob Reiner, Stand By Me
Oliver Stone, Platoon

  • Aliens
  • The Assault
  • Blue Velvet
  • Crocodile Dundee
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Genesis
  • Ginger and Fred
  • Hannah and Her Sisters
  • The Hitcher
  • Hoosiers
  • Jean de Florette
  • Manon of the Spring
  • Matador
  • The Mission
  • Mona Lisa
  • The Name of the Rose
  • Peggy Sue Got Married
  • Platoon
  • Salvador
  • Scene of the Crime
  • Something Wild
  • Stand by Me
  • Ménage
  • Defence of the Realm