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  • Deadbeat at Dawn

    Deadbeat at Dawn


    "You're on our turf, scum-fuck."

    Definitely one of my new favorite ultra-low budget films. Jim VanBebber may very well be my spirit animal...

  • Ghost in the Shell 2.0

    Ghost in the Shell 2.0


    I still find the film itself to be an easy five out of five but this particular version of it can be a bit off-putting with it's CGI-enhanced nonsense. The transitions between the new and old animation is jarring to say the least, and even more so because I feel it looked perfect how it was to begin with. Luckily, there aren't that many scenes that feature this pretty pointless update. Still, the film is an undeniably awesome experience all on it's own. Warily looking forward to seeing the remake tomorrow.

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  • Interstellar



    I wanted to experience this for the first time in the most spectacular way possible, and the closest place near me to do that was The Franklin Institute in Philly, on it's giant domed IMAX screen. Unfortunately, my friend and I didn't think to get there early to acquire the best seats (which are at the very top, or at least towards it) and we were stuck near the bottom, where you have to crane your neck to see the…

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    I'll keep this short (I love how I say it as if all of my reviews are incredibly in-depth and lengthy) since I feel like I'll be passing out from exhaustion at any moment, but finally got around to watching this. I've been looking forward to seeing the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis ever since I first heard about it, which is usually how it is for me whenever they have a new film coming out. But this is definitely…