Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

The most disappointed I've been in a while. I still liked it to an extent and was very much entertained, but I totally thought this would be another situation like Batman v. Superman; where it was critically panned but I still came out loving it. There is definitely some great stuff hanging about in here, but overall it's kind of a fucking mess. Disjointed and choppy-seeming basically for it's entire runtime, David Ayer's much-anticipated Suicide Squad did not live up to the hype for me personally. Scenes that really stuck with me and made an impact from the trailers seemed rushed and not as effective in the actual film itself. But what may have been the most disappointing aspect of all for me, was the fact that I was not really feeling Jared Leto's take on the Joker. I thought of all things to do with this movie, his performance would be the one thing I came out of it loving, no matter what. Unfortunately, that was not the case here, and the fact that he's reprimanded to flashback duty for the majority of his screen-time didn't really help. I read earlier today that Leto stated in an interview that a lot of the Joker's scenes were cut out of the final film. I can only hope that Suicide Squad gets an "Ultimate Edition" home release treatment in the same fashion as BvS, because I want to believe there is a much better (preferably also R-rated?) version of this out there.

I'll be seeing it again tomorrow night with another group of friends and maybe I'll have a change of heart but for now I thought it was just alright. Which it pains me to say, as I was very much looking forward to this for a long time. Oh well.

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