Tusk ★★★★

What the fuck was Kevin Smith's ganj laced with when he came up with this utterly crazy and disturbing shit. Better yet, what the hell is wrong with me for loving it?

His latest film is another demented effort more along the lines of 2011's Red State than, say, his older films like Clerks or Chasing Amy. That Smith-humor is still there, but Tusk is a bizarrely different kind of effort.
An unforgettable experience, that's for sure. Still having a difficult time deciding if that's a good or terrible thing in this instance.. But I have to say, I do enjoy seeing Smith branch out into different genres a bit. Aside from a few scenes that I started to feel as though they were running a bit too long, I thought it was really freakin' good and original; it's quite a fascinating watch overall.

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