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  • Disobedience



    A very nuanced and sensitively acted intersection of faith, family, sexuality, and grief.

  • The General

    The General


    A masterpiece of stuntwork with physical comedy that was Mich more subtle and nuanced than I expected.

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  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Comedians so often wear their struggles with social awkwardness as a badge of courage that it has become a currency. And they usually dramatize it by just doing Louie's show which is already a riff on old French and Italian films. Burnham instead focuses on a 13 year old girl for a universal, truly genuine depiction of what its like to have social awkwardness, which he accomplishes by using horror tropes for the simple mundane task of going to a party or talking to a peer in the hall.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    The whole schtick where everyone says this is the Marvel movie for adults seems kind of ridiculous, and I don't mean that as a bad thing. I like the movie. I like most of the Marvel movies, and this definitely follows suit with their brand: making big budget character pieces disguised as action movies. Boseman kills it. Jordan kills it. Everyone kills it.