Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★

‘Im fucking a very large and important man’

Cmon bro the protagonists name is Boxer. Like, that’s his first name. You already know this slaps

Yall need to hear Christopher Lambert utter the phrase ‘cro magnon bitch’

Justin Timberlake plays a man who’s first name is PILOT. Fuckin PILOT.

‘Cmon honey lets dry our tears, we need you to become a racist cop’

This movie pairs together Wood Harris and Amy Poehler

OK no lie this shit is fucking hilarious and most of it is out of the fact that every actor is cast in a role that is seemingly directly against type. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sean William Scott benefit most from this meta bullshit. It’s some weird ass parody of conspiracy theories and end-is-near groups that could do without it’s obnoxious narration and video game-menu esque overlays that pop up but honestly those kind of entrench you in the narrative more as cringey as it may be so it kind of works. No matter how dated it seems. Kelly is blatantly trying to overstate the scope of the story with the dramatic ass narration

This shit takes twists and turns that are uniquely surreal but also sort of remind you of Lynch, quite clearly intentionally *weird* visuals and asides but still full burger

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