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*Update 4/2:
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The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes- 1979
Living In The World- 1985
Bianco, Rosso, & Verdone- 1981 is a fantastic website focusing on films from around the world that never received a region 1 DVD release. It is an amazing place to discover hard to find rarities and gems. I have nothing to do with the site and just want to try and direct people to this wonderful collection

*There are other lists for rarefilmm on Letterboxd but I am in contact with Jon, the owner of rarefilmm, so this is the most accurate list of what is on the site

The following films are not on letterboxd but available on the site:

The Secret Of Marcel Duchamp- 1997
Cleypsydra- 1992
Kumba Mela- 1977