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  • Night School

    Night School


    Heady, handsomely mounted slasher that relies on carefully choreographed cinematography rather than gore to build suspense. For most slashers, the kills are defined by money shots of splatter, but in NIGHT SCHOOL every death is a sequence of cinematic assembly, building to a release with the craftsmanship you'd expect from a director who, rather than starting out like so many slasher directors, was conducting his swan song after a career of CASINO ROYALES and CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANGs. The carousel…

  • 31



    For all the progress we've made as a culture because of language, watching a scene of any Rob Zombie movie makes me wonder if it was all really worth it.

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  • Meatballs 4

    Meatballs 4


    The 4 stands for Best Fourth Wall Break In Movie History. Who are these dudes here slagging this as trash? Tough to dismiss a movie as camp when it is literally set in one. MEATBALLS 4 is a breezy 85 minutes of great comedy where no brow applies (what other movie follows up a scatalogical joke with a quote from Julius Caesar?), and the <del>teen</del> thirtysomething leads are all really likable. Feldog slays, never better, and Jack Nance is seriously…

  • Surviving the Game

    Surviving the Game


    Gary Busey's show stopping soliloquy about training and then murdering his family pet is the closest 90s action movies ever came to Shakespeare.