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  • Terror Firmer

    Terror Firmer


    Aims to shock, and it succeeds, but behind the iconoclastic veneer are dad jokes, screwball slapstick and a jovial want to entertain. Everything is under attack, but at the same time there is a love for the marginalized and the perverse that just comes off as good natured, and even as a fetus is being ripped out of a pregnant woman, still somehow surprisingly sweet.

  • Where the Boys Are '84

    Where the Boys Are '84


    I used to always think the four leads in the movie looked pretty old to be college kids - I put it off to that phenomenon where everyone in the 80s just looked older, but looking at IMDb, the average age of the girls here is 30. Regardless of their age, none really jump off the screen, and they're certainly given little to do in this lazily strewn together buddy movie where you're on location in Fort Lauderdale but instead…

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  • Meatballs 4

    Meatballs 4


    The four stands for Best Forth Wall Break In Movie History. Who are these dudes here slagging this as trash? Tough to dismiss a movie as camp when it is literally set in one. MEATBALLS 4 is a breezy 85 minutes of great comedy where no brow applies (what other movie follows up a scatalogical joke with a quote from Julius Caesar?), and the <del>teen</del> thirtysomething leads are all really likable. Feldog slays, never better, and Jack Nance is seriously…

  • Surviving the Game

    Surviving the Game


    Gary Busey's show stopping soliloquy about training and then murdering his family pet is the closest 90s action movies ever came to Shakespeare.