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  • Nothing in Common

    Nothing in Common


    Midway through this rote dramedy with a likeable cast there is a close-up of Jackie Gleason’s wrinkly, bruised, scabbed-over, rotting foot that is so unsettling it will haunt my dreams forever.

  • She's Having a Baby

    She's Having a Baby


    John Hughes' midlife crisis movie that splurges on indulgence and finds itself even more empty when it's all said and done. His autobiographical stamp is all over this - Bacon's an ad exec in Chicago, like Hughes was, who , like Hughes, moved to the 'burbs, had a baby boy and started writing screenplays. There's also some frivolous wish fulfillment where models throw themselves at Bacon just to show how tough it must have been for him to be faithful.…

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  • Meatballs 4

    Meatballs 4


    The four stands for Best Forth Wall Break In Movie History. Who are these dudes here slagging this as trash? Tough to dismiss a movie as camp when it is literally set in one. MEATBALLS 4 is a breezy 85 minutes of great comedy where no brow applies (what other movie follows up a scatalogical joke with a quote from Julis Caesar?), and the <del>teen</del> thirtysomething leads are all really likable. Feldog slays, never better, and Jack Nance is seriously…

  • Surviving the Game

    Surviving the Game


    Gary Busey's show stopping soliloquy about training and then murdering his family pet is the closest 90s action movies ever came to Shakespeare.