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  • Parasite



    When I write my questionable movie reviews, I usually don’t bother talking about my actual moviegoing experience, just because it never seems to be relevant to my appreciation of the film. However, I went to see Parasite when I was in France earlier this summer. It was only my second time going to Europe (I’m from Canada) and I had mostly a great time, expect from this day. It was raining in this small city that did not feel warm…

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    I first watched Tarantortellini's first feature film a few years ago, and I remember being BLOWN AWAY by its almost minimalist storyline, locations and overall premise. To me, the simple layout and cinematography were so effective in highlighting the writing and the characters, as well as their exchanges and dynamics. I wanted my boyfriend to watch it since we are going to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tonight, and we thought it would be cool to watch Tarantula's…

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  • Cadet Kelly

    Cadet Kelly


    Cadet Kelly >>>> Saving Private Ryan

  • 68 Kill

    68 Kill


    so i went to the canadian premiere and i met matthew gray gubler before the screening and he asked me where i was from and he wanted me to give him a high five.

    after the movie ended, i talked to him about independent movies and how important i think they are, he asked me for my name (then he said: rachel, i'm matthew, im pleased to meet you) and he told me that i had cool glasses.

    i guess all im trying to say is that we are in love and ready to get married, start a family and live happily ever after