Good Time

Good Time ★★★★★

I saw Good Time's trailer for the first time a few weeks back and, ever since then, I've been really looking forward to watch it. I couldn't stop myself from reading tons of positive reviews, even if this habit of mine tends to affect negatively my appreciation of any film. However, the difference between "any film" and this film is that Good Time is totally worth the hype.

It's a chaotic movie told in a perfectly mastered way. It is refreshing, yet suffocating. My eyes were glued to the screen and I was on the edge of my seat the entire runtime. I cannot isolate one aspect of this film that stands out more than the others, and I think the fact that every single one of them is supporting the other in a seamless way is what makes this film so great.

The writing is simply genius. Nothing in the script feels clumsy, and every decision the characters make got a reaction out of me. Putting the story aside, the writing of the characters is also amazing. This film shows many different people and, without warning, stops looking more into them, which creates an unsettling atmosphere that totally works in this particular case. Speaking of atmosphere, I have no words. The sound design gave me goosebumps and accelerated my heartbeat at many occasions. As for the sublime cinematography, it creates the perfect dark and twisted urban neon nightmare. The camera movements and the highly controlled coloured lighting reminded me of how crucial these two aspects are the ultimate foundations for any film's language.

I'm going to try and end this messy review by expanding more on the people in the film, and how amazingly they are portrayed. The movie's universe is unapologetically harsh, especially towards its characters. Robert Pattinson's acting left me speechless. I had heard so many people saying that his performance is "electric" and truly amazing, and they were right.

Okay, that's enough of me rambling stupid and incoherent sentences. All I want to say is that Good Time is definitely my favourite movie of the year and that anyone who has lost faith in modern cinema needs to shut the fuck up and go watch this masterpiece in theaters.

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