Parasite ★★★★★

When I write my questionable movie reviews, I usually don’t bother talking about my actual moviegoing experience, just because it never seems to be relevant to my appreciation of the film. However, I went to see Parasite when I was in France earlier this summer. It was only my second time going to Europe (I’m from Canada) and I had mostly a great time, expect from this day. It was raining in this small city that did not feel warm or welcoming. I was walking in the empty streets feeling lost and uneasy. So my boyfriend and I decided to go to the movies. When I saw that Parasite was playing in its subtitled original version, I was extatic.

I had not watched a single trailer, all I knew is that is was made by Bong Joon-ho and that it had received Canne’s Palme d’Or. Even though I am glad I didn’t know much about it, I don’t think anything could’ve prepared for the craziness that is this film.

I absolutely loved how the story unfolded. First, it starts slowly, introducing two completely opposite looking families. Then, as they start to cross paths, I remember feeling a slightly anxious feeling spark in my stomach. Then it takes a wild turn, and the characters get trapped in this web of lies that they have created themselves. The writing is so well done, it completely took me into this twisted and nerve-racking plot, leaving no time to catch my breath. 

The way Bong Joon-ho handled the story and told it visually is very impressive. He mastered the storytelling, and he clearly knew how to work perfectly with the actors in order to get their best performances. I am sorry I’m being so vague, but there is not one thing I disliked about Parasite. The locations, the artistic direction, the casting, the editing, the CINEMATOGRAPHY (such a beautifully photographed film!!!), and the list goes on and on.

I definitely enjoyed Snowpiercer and Okja, but in my opinion, Parasite is on another level of filmmaking. I feel like it has everything to become a classic, especially its uniqueness. 

Let me just say that it made my weird day in this weird city a lot better.