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  • Antrum



    l love a good gimick -and the "YOU ARE WATCHING A CURSED FILM" gimick is a good one.

    However - the cursed film itself is long and boring.

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger


    OH MY GOD YOU GUYS! The lighting in this movie is fucking AMAZING.

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  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe


    I should absolutely NOT be watching this alone in the middle of the night during a rain storm, but here we are.

    I liked this film - it didn't let me down at the end, and was both sad and scary. I had heard it was very gorey, but none of it seemed out of place or excessive.

  • Resolution



    This movie does a lot with a low budget - and kind of reminded me of a choose your own adventure story. The protagonists are offered everything from Satanic cults, to Government Conspiracies, to Alien Invaders - and each time, they turn away from the story and go in another direction. It is kind of like a non-comedic version of Cabin in the Woods - except they keep NOT choosing the magic item. I really liked it - although the reveal at the end was kind of like "there's a monster at the end of this book".