A Life in Waves

A Life in Waves ★★★★½

In looking for recommendations for New Age music through iTunes years ago, I discovered the album Pure Romance by Suzanne Ciani, and I loved it. I later bought Pianissimo III. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if she had a Wikipedia page at all, and not only did she have one, but I discovered all this work she had previously done in advertisements and the use of synthesizers, and I subsequently bought The Seven Waves (which I also love). Now, she has her own documentary, brought up by Kickstarter.

A Life in Waves is an examination on her life and career that I wanted to see. Where she went to college, getting into electronic music, showing her work on her Buchla synthesizer, samples of her advertisement work, and old interviews (such as her work on the Xenon pinball table). Of course, I'm also here for the music I fell in love with, and it does cover her musical career with The Seven Waves and her entrance into the New Age genre (side note, this movie also features interviews with Kitaro, whom I'm also familiar with). It does cover her own personal life outside of music, and I'm glad she made the move she had to.

It's really a movie for the fans, but I do recommend her music, and if you do like it, or if you remember those late '70s, early '80s commercials, give this a watch.

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