Stalker ★★★★★

What if you spend your whole life performing a service to help others, and then you suddenly discover that the lives of those people you "helped" are worse off after they met you?

Stalker does not seek to provide answers to this question, but simply to provide a slow, contemplative space in which to ponder it.

A space called The Zone, which is much like our world, but with an overwhelming sense of decay, as if nature is seeking to reclaim its territory from humanity. It is a world that appears calm and pristine, but has a sense of danger lurking just out of site.

As The Stalker leads The Writer and The Professor through the Zone to find the mystical Room, where a life's deepest trouble can be cured, we are drawn in with them through the hypnotic scenery and entrancing camera-work. Shots linger on the crumbling vistas; compositions repeat themselves, drawing abstract connections across space; and all sense of time ceases to exist as locations and conversations loop back on themselves.

Stalker is not so much a story, as it is an entirely new state of mind.

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