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  • Zoe



    Francesca Rudkin reviewwed ZOE in her vlog:

  • We Margiela

    We Margiela


    Fashion Icons Film Season: WE MARGIELA
    by Helene Ravlich

    Contemporary New Zealand fashion was once defined by the "dark and intellectual" label given to it by the international press in 1999, after the "New Zealand Four" - Karen Walker, Nom*D, World and Zambesi - presented their collections at London Fashion Week to much acclaim. Nom*D and Zambesi in particular were very much in line with that vision, and at the time were compared to designers out of Antwerp, Belgium who…

  • Le Ride

    Le Ride


    Francesca Rudkin chats with Phil and Louise Keoghan for LE RIDE
    Posted on Wednesday 7/02/2018 February, 2018 by Rialto Channel (RC)

    The documentary Le Ride is a must for cycling enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a good adventure or underdog story. In Le Ride, Amazing Race star Phil Keoghan physically and mentally pushes himself to the limit as he replicates the gruelling bike ride taken by Kiwi Harry Watson during the 1928 Tour de France. Producer and co-writer Louise Keoghan,…

  • Heaven Adores You

    Heaven Adores You


    HEAVEN ADORES YOU, the life of Elliott Smith

    by Helene Ravlich

    As quiet and introspective as its subject could at times be, tonight’s film HEAVEN ADORES YOU is the latest in a series of Rialto Rockumentaries brought to you by The Sound, every Thursday night in December.

    An almost-meditative paean of sorts to the life and music of the late singer-songwriter Elliott Smith, it threads the music of the much-adored artist through the often isolating landscapes of the three major…

  • Super Duper Alice Cooper

    Super Duper Alice Cooper


    SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER: the man, the legend

    Posted on Thursday 7/12/2017 December, 2017 by Helene Ravlich

    “He ejaculated, and glam metal was born…” Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snyder on Alice Cooper

    I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a month of Rialto Rockumentaries - brought to you by The Sound, every Thursday night in December – than with the super fun, super interesting film about the original god of shock rock, SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER.


  • The Banksy Job

    The Banksy Job


    THE BANKSY JOB – when the prankster got pranked by Helene Ravlich

    Like an average Guy Ritchie blockbuster but with an additional extra large helping of cheese, tonight’s documentary, THE BANKSY JOB is a welcome reprieve from all of the hard-hitting, true crime films that have preceded it on Rialto Channel over the past month. It’s ridiculous and also ridiculously amusing, and key to that is its central subject, a man who is more caricature than criminal by far.


  • 3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets

    3 ½ Minutes, 10 Bullets


    3 ½ MINUTES, 10 BULLETS – an all too familiar crime
    by Helene Ravlich

    When it comes to an all too common crime that seems to play out in the US over the past ten years, I’ll admit I was familiar with the Trayvon Martin case, a racially-motivated killing of an innocent young black man that was so unjust that its aftermath reverberated around the world. The death of Jordan Davis however, seemed to pass me by, which is unbelievable…

  • Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

    Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four


    by Helene Ravlich

    A few months ago I reviewed a great documentary on here called SATAN LIVES. It chronicled all manner of theories about the Man With Horns, and also talked about the daycare witch-hunts in the early eighties that occurred after the release of the book ‘Michelle Remembers’. For those unfamiliar with the tome, it was the story of a young woman named Michelle Smith, who was a patient…

  • Satudarah - One Blood

    Satudarah - One Blood


    by Helene Ravlich

    When it comes to notorious, rabble-rousing motorcycle gangs, you may have heard of the Hells Angels in the US, Bandidos in Australia, and the likes of Black Power and Mongrel Mob here in little old New Zealand. But have you heard of Satudarah? I never had before watching tonight’s true crime documentary on Rialto Channel, SATUDARAH: ONE BLOOD, but by god I was intrigued.

    The Satudarah are known as the Netherlands' most feared biker…

  • 15 to Life: Kenneth's Story

    15 to Life: Kenneth's Story


    15 TO LIFE: KENNETH’S STORY, on condemning children to die in prison
    by Helene Ravlich

    “One day, I’m 15 years old I’m in society then… next I’m out. You telling me that I’m gonna never go home?”

    Writing about documentaries over the past few years I’ve had the chance to see some pretty humbling and disturbing stories, and probably use the term “heartbreaking” to describe way too many of them. Not many have actually moved me to tears however, but…

  • Little White Lie

    Little White Lie


    LITTLE WHITE LIE is another close examination of a life, this time following filmmaker Lacey Schwartz as she delves into her history – at times reluctantly. Schwatrz’s story begins with her growing up in a typical upper-middle-class Jewish household in Woodstock, New York, with loving parents and a strong sense of her Jewish identity - despite the questions from those around her about how a Jewish girl could have such dark skin. She believes her family's explanation that her looks…

  • The Queen of Ireland

    The Queen of Ireland



    Posted on Wednesday 25/10/2017 October, 2017 by
    This week’s documentaries on Rialto Channel, THE QUEEN OF IRELAND and LITTLE WHITE LIE both focus on identity, and the way that your culture defines you as a person – whether you like it or not. It can also force you into activism, and the two personalities that the films shine a light on do that in very different ways.

    Tonight’s film is THE QUEEN OF IRELAND, a documentary…