• Alpha



    The goodest girl!

  • The Beach

    The Beach


    “Thank you, Lord, for the twin pillars of Civilization: Christianity and Cricket.”

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Actual footage of me in Quarantine.

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods


    Shiiiiiiiittttt. What the fuck was that? I mean, this was a great idea for a film, but what we have here is Spike experimenting with a genre film he seems ill-equipped to make, while trying to connect that with as many Black & Vietnamese history lessons and film homages he can muster. The end product is an amateurish production unworthy of an artist I respect, and even baffling in its overall messages...

  • 13th



    “Jim Crow may have left the nest but our streets are still covered in his feathers.” —
    Rudy Francisco.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


    This may or may not be an unpopular opinion: I now believe I consider, as a trilogy, The Lord of the Rings as the greatest motion picture ever made (sorry, 2001). It ticks all the boxes. It’s high art meeting popular entertainment. It’s a zenith of direction, screenwriting, editing, costuming, cinematography, special effects, music, etc. It’s also a perfect myriad of drama, action, adventure, romance, thriller and what have you. But whatever the technical feats and genre mixing, as with…

  • Hearts Beat Loud

    Hearts Beat Loud



  • The Breadwinner

    The Breadwinner


    “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that makes the flowers grow, not thunder.”




    Who’s gonna believe an orangutan?

  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    Entertaining but much ado about nada. Makes me realize Ocean’s Eleven is actually a much more coherent and better film in terms of heist story, style,  character colouring and emotional chord than I gave it credit for. Here it’s just bits and pieces slapped together.

  • Atlantics



    A bunch of labourers get robbed 4 months construction wages, so go out to sea to earn for their families, die in a storm, and come back as spirits possessing their girlfriends and other villagers to make the boss pay up. The main one finally gets to bone his girlfriend. Nice cinematic merits tell the story.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    It is what it is.