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  • Juno



    I liked Juno when I saw it in the theater back in 2007. After that initial viewing I didn't rewatch the film for 10 years and found that the elements which are great receded into the depths of my memory while only the annoying stuff like "home skillet" and "honest to blog" stood out to me over time. Because of this, I had convinced myself that Juno isn't a good movie, which it absolutely is.

    Rewatching the film now, I…

  • Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

    Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


    Interestingly, I liked the original Maze Runner much more than The Scorch Trials after seeing both of them once in the theater, but rewatching them now in preparation for the release of the third and final film in the franchise, my opinions on these two films have flip-flopped. I originally appreciated the simplicity and mystery of The Maze Runner, but upon a rewatch I found myself more drawn to the sprawling, open world of this film. There still isn't a…

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  • Harbinger Down

    Harbinger Down


    I’m a big fan of horror films, but I’m a HUGE fan of monster movies. The more disgusting, unusual, and bizarre the monster, the better. Among my favorite films of all time are the likes of Alien, Aliens, Predator, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Tremors, The Fly, etc. So naturally, when I discovered the Kickstarter campaign for Harbinger Down (a practical effects driven monster movie made by some of the special effects guys who helped bring several of the aforementioned classics…

  • Death Wish

    Death Wish


    After his wife is beaten to death and his daughter is orally raped to the brink of insanity by Jeff Goldblum, New York City architect Charles Bronson takes to the streets to put a stop to violent crime in his neighborhood armed only with a revolver and his mustache. That's essentially the entire plot. Bronson, whose character used to be a fairly passive individual, grows a profound, yet misguided set of balls as soon as he finds himself with a…