What a piece of shit. I thought that I might get something out of one of Uwe Boll's early, non-commercial films, but I'd sooner watch all of his video game adaptations back-to-back than re-watch this turd.

What we have here is a near-silent film wherein a guy kills a random girl on a bike, watches The Price Is Right, works at a restaurant where some guy cuts open a live fish to watch it's exposed heart still beating, returns home to watch animals being mutilated and a guy killed in an electric chair on TV, stabs his neighbor and leaves her to die slowly on the floor in front of him while he masturbates to hardcore VHS porn, and finally goes on a slow motion shooting spree in a public park before walking off into the distance while the credits roll.

I have never seen such a pointless film in all my life. It's so cool to hate on Uwe Boll that it's become tiresome, but you can't help but question what the fuck this guy's problem is. He makes shitty film after shitty film. He hasn't gotten worse and he hasn't gotten better, and I can't imagine why anyone would watch this pile of garbage back in 1994 and then pay him to direct something else. Amoklauf almost seems like it's trying to be deep, but what exactly could Boll be trying to say?