Aquarius ★★★★

Aquarius is about our psychological connections to places, locations, objects, the spaces we choose to make home. Furthermore it's about how we age and how those relationships strengthen, weaken or change altogether.

Sonia FUCKING Braga is a goddamn force of nature in this film, dauntlessly engaging in battle with real estate developers trying desperately to coerce her into selling her long-lived-in apartment. Braga plays a fearless, endlessly committed character, and the actress is no less ruthless in her portrayal. As these developers decide to play dirtier and dirtier tricks, the more cunning she becomes culminating in a bombshell of an ending, a mic drop of epic proportions.

Aquarius is a great film that will more likely than not get lost in this year's already-overstuffed awards season, no thanks to the Cannes jury failing to give Braga their Best Actress prize. I'd like to see major critics groups and awards bodies recognize her in stead, but I doubt it. Nonetheless, when given the opportunity I deeply recommend seeking this one out.

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