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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


  • Love on a Leash


  • Train to Busan


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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    can we do that thing like they did with full-metal alchemist where they realize they fucked up really badly with the first attempt and then go back and remake it but better actually

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


    i think my disappointment mainly comes from my own too-high expectations for a PG-13 movie. the plot itself was quite similar to that of the goosebumps film but the adapated monsters were just as good as i expected them to be. it was a bit jump-scare heavy and almost reliant, some jump-scares were well done but others not. individual segments of the film will give you the spooky childhood nostalgia you crave but the story as a whole won't. this…

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  • New Police Story

    New Police Story

    it loses a star because it's in cantonese and not mandarin so i couldn't understand it but this is truly a pinnacle of chinese cinema

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    As someone who just recently went through this exact period of their life (college application process, senior year of high school, finally going to college far away from their hometown that they always thought they hated but never really could, etc.), this movie really hits home. But that's obviously its intention: to hit those heart strings with the classic yet all relatable coming-of-age story that we see so often but never in quite as realistic as this one.