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  • The Death of Superman

    The Death of Superman


    Quarantine Movie #84

    This is probably the best adaptation of this story. If you haven’t been a fan of it in the past, I don’t think you will be here. It’s still, Doomsday shows up, they fight, Superman dies... or does he? It’s just better paced and animated than either Batman v Superman or Superman:Doomsday. 

    I hope this is the last attempt to tell this story. Doomsday’s never been interesting to me, he’s just this mindless thing, and since we all know Superman isn’t dead, it never feels like anything is at stake.

  • Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

    Batman: Gotham by Gaslight


    Quarantine Movie #83

    It’s better than the Ninja one, it’s fine. The problem with elseworld stories is that they don’t really matter, so you have to make a really stellar standalone thing for them to work. This does at times, but by the end it’s pretty by the numbers and pretty predictable. My biggest issue is that they barely try to mask the Ripper, and I knew who he was as soon as he appeared on screen as his alter ego. Ruins the whole thing.

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  • Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

    Bill Burr: Paper Tiger


    It's interesting, there's a new counter-culture rising right in front of our eyes. With Chappelle and now Burr, it looks like Netflix thinks there's an audience that's ready to rebel against mainstream thought. I think they're right.

    Burr sometimes says awful things in this, but A) It's funny, and B) He's not wrong.

    The weakest elements of this special are when he's talking about uncontroversial things. There's plenty of dog jokes and y'all do things differently in the UK jokes,…

  • Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers


    Bob’s story is compelling and in light of new reporting a lot less is insane. 

    Unfortunately the direction is so self indulgent and ameteurish. I have no idea why the director is even in this to begin with. They somehow got Mickey Rourke and made him read the most bullshit garbage freshman philosophy dissertation version of narration.

    Watch the Joe Rogan interview with Bob if you want a better exploration of Bob’s story.