Bill Burr: Paper Tiger ★★★★

It's interesting, there's a new counter-culture rising right in front of our eyes. With Chappelle and now Burr, it looks like Netflix thinks there's an audience that's ready to rebel against mainstream thought. I think they're right.

Burr sometimes says awful things in this, but A) It's funny, and B) He's not wrong.

The weakest elements of this special are when he's talking about uncontroversial things. There's plenty of dog jokes and y'all do things differently in the UK jokes, and they're funny, but the meat of this is Burr taking aim at everything that has become untouchable in the last couple of years.

I'm curious to see how bad the backlash is, not whether or not there will be a backlash. Despite the world becoming more and more secular, it sometimes seems like a certain political orthodoxy has become the new scripture. With this special Bill gladly steps into the ever-important role of Blasphemer-in-chief, and it was about time somebody did.

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